Amsterdam Team Building

Looking for cost-effective team building?

… then you need look no further our Amsterdam team building treasure hunt is for you!

Excellent team building takes place in a relaxed but challenging environment. Traditional team building supplies one or the other, making it less than 100% successful.  Very often, traditional team building challenges are physical and requiring good spatial awareness. This reduces their accessibility and demotivates.

A corporate treasure hunt in Amsterdam offers a series of creative challenges with a fun atmosphere. The perfect combination for building effective teamwork.

Team building attributes of our Amsterdam treasure hunt.

As a team building event the Amsterdam treasure hunts is …

  • Inclusive – suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Motivational – our competitive format brings out the best in everyone
  • Challenging – our treasure hunts have no fixed route and we don’t tell you where to go look for the answers.

… and involves …

  • Creative thinking – teams will need to think laterally to achieve the best results
  • Planning – Our teams have no fixed route so teams will have to plan their own
  • Time management – there are penalties for being late back.
  • Team work – success on our treasure hunts cannot be achieved without team work
  • Negotiation – teams will need to interact with locals to obtain the ‘shopping list’ items

Why choose us for your Amsterdam treasure hunt?

  • many years of experience has been used to refine our treasure hunts
  • we specialise in creating and delivering corporate team building treasure hunts so we are not ‘Jack of all Trades’ who produce treasure hunts as one event amongst many others
  • leading event companies use our treasure hunts rather than devise their own
  • our hunts challenge as well as entertain meaning that you benefit from a highly motivational event

Successful Team Building

Most traditional team building events are less than successful. Staff groan at the idea of being stuck outside at a venue, giving directions to blindfolded colleagues, building structures with tyres, barrels and planks or standing around in the cold and wet waiting for their turn to drive a golf buggy with reversed steering round a course for a few minutes.

Traditional team building is tedious. It often requires just two skills – physical strength and spatial awareness. OK, it should need communication too, but usually, the day is dominated by just a few people. The rest feel left out – exactly the opposite of what you want!

For innovative and successful team building, choose a treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt in Amsterdam addresses all key workplace skills. It encourages participation, everyone feels part of the team.

Winning the treasure is the physical goal of the day, but to do that, participants need to work together and become involved.  Instead of being in the same field, the same wood or the same venue for the entire event, you have Amsterdam! That makes it more interesting and motivational.

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The Amsterdam treasure hunt can be as long or as short as you require. We recommend at least a couple of hours in order to feel the team building benefits. Many of our clients take a full day in order to maximise their return on investment.

There is no minimum or maximum group size, the treasure hunt works equally as well for a small team as for your entire company.

If you are using it as part of a larger event, e.g. conference, if a session finishes early or late, the treasure hunt is easily adapted.

Customised Team Building

Your Amsterdam treasure hunt can be written with start and finish locations to suit you and by using digital cameras we will also provide a lasting memory of your day.

It can be fully customised to your industry sector and company, we don’t just add your logo to each page, we can do a lot more than that.

It is delivered by professional events managers to ensure the event runs smoothly.

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Why Amsterdam Team Building?

Sending your team overseas for a team building event such as the Amsterdam treasure hunt takes them far from the normal business environment. This allows them to focus on the team building event in new and stimulating surroundings.

Amsterdam is a fascinating city with its canals and roads running side by side.  It has the oldest stock exchange in the world, it is the Netherlands’ commercial capital and one of the top European financial centres, so there is a business-like atmosphere. This makes it the perfect choice for any company away day, whether it is a corporate reward or team building.

The city developed around a dam on the river Amstel, hence its name. Amsterdam was founded in the middle ages and was granted city status in the first few years of the fourteenth century. Following the revolt against Spain and the eighty years war that led to Dutch independence, Amsterdam became an important centre of trade and has remained so ever since. These days, it is still one of the largest European ports.